“pay whatever” Mondays: a pilot project

We are feeling very grateful for the support of our community, especially during this last year of lockdowns and limitations, and we’re trying to give a little back.

Introducing “pay whatever” Mondays, effective immediately. We are opening from 12-4 for dine-in only (no take-out, sorry!). Our full menu is available, and everyone is welcome, whether they can afford to eat out or not.

Every table will receive a little notecard when they are seated. When it’s time to settle up, people can just write the amount they would like to pay and give it to their server. That amount could be zero, five bucks, whatever…technically, it could be MORE than regular price, but that is not the point! People who wish to pay regular prices can ignore the card, or better yet, take it with them and give it to someone who might want to use it.

Note that our liquor licence does not allow us to apply “pay whatever” to alcoholic beverages!

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this Sunday!

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dining room open again!

As of today, December 2, 2020, we are re-opening the dining room. We have removed more seats and spaced them even further apart for safety.

Last week’s case numbers scared the daylights out of us, so we closed the dining room and went to take-out only. It looks like those numbers scared the daylights out of everyone else, too, because they haven’t climbed like everyone feared they would! We spent the week scrubbing and cleaning and spacing out tables, and we look forward to welcoming our customers back to the dining room.

We are paying careful attention to the daily updates from the province and will take things day by day.

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COVID-19 update (November 25, 2020): take-out only

We are very concerned about the recent rise in cases in Nova Scotia and have decided to act early to protect our staff, our customers, and our community.

As of today, we are offering take-out only and are temporarily suspending in-restaurant dining. Please call us at (902) 697-3906 to place your order! All of our usual grocery items (noodles, sauces) are available as well as our prepared meals to go.

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breakfast with the bosses!

We are missing all our morning market customers, so starting this Saturday, September 5, Ross & Erin will be serving up omelettes, breakfast things, and coffee at the shop in Port Williams every Saturday from 8:30 until 11! (Unless it’s a complete bust, in which case we’ll stop…but we’ll give it a go for the month of September at least.)

No reservations required…just drop by on your way to or from the market!

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Patience. Kindness. Understanding.

On Friday, June 5 we are re-opening the dining room according to the rules set by the province. We are very aware that Nova Scotia is still in an official state of emergency, and that this hard-won reprieve from lockdown is fragile and could abruptly end if we all don’t follow public health guidelines.

It’s been a long twelve weeks. We went from a staff of twenty-two down to only two full-timers with a little part-time help, and Ross working 70-hour weeks to fulfill take-out orders and grocery sales (for which we are very grateful—thank you to everyone who supported this small local business during tough times!).

We need our customers to know that Things. Are. Different. With our seating at half capacity, we may not have room for everyone who wants to dine in. With a third of our former staff complement, we have had to streamline our menu, we may not be able to keep up with take-out orders, and—this is important—we cannot make substitutions to menu items. Even pre-COVID, special orders and substitutions were a wrench in the works that slowed things down for everyone and increased the likelihood of mistakes and less-than-perfect products. In this new reality, we just can’t do it.

We realize that it’s been a long twelve weeks for our customers too. People are experiencing completely justifiable stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, you name it…but we are asking for your patience, your kindness, and your understanding as we do our best to serve you under these new and challenging circumstances.

* Why is there a picture of a rhubarb cream pie with this post instead of pasta? Because I (Mrs. Noodle Guy) made rhubarb cream pies tonight, and they’ll be going to the shop for sale tomorrow morning so I don’t eat them all myself.

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our new normal

Thank you for your continued patronage and patience while we’ve been constantly altering our hours and operations during these difficult times. We’ve been listening to our customers and it’s clear that there is a demand for take-home/delivery noodles and grocery items, so we are going to focus on that for the next while. Basically, we will be your general store.

Starting tomorrow, March 30, we will be open Monday through Saturday from 10am-6pm. We will continue to limit the number of people on the premises to comply with government directives, and we will continue to offer delivery to Port Williams, Wolfville, Canning, Centreville, New Minas, and Kentville.

Brandie is coming back this week (yay!) and Ross will continue cooking.

We are very grateful for your support and we are doing all that we can to be here to support you right back!

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back where it all began

Exactly nine years ago today, we opened our little shop just up the road in Port Williams. We had no employees; it was just Ross, doing everything.

As of today, we have no employees again. We’ve gone from a staff of 20 right back to just Ross, doing everything. It has been heart-breaking to lay off our staff members over the last several days. They’ve been wonderful: understanding, kind, and optimistic. Situations like this tend to bring out people’s true colours, and it’s clear that our employees–sigh: former employees–are good people with the right stuff.

We’re trying to be optimistic too, and looking forward to the day when we start calling people back. Until then, you’ll find Ross keeping the shop open for as long as he can on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am-2pm. If you aren’t able to come to him, e-mail him at ross@thenoodle.ca and he’ll try to come to you if he can.

Thank you to our caring and loyal customers who are supporting us and other local businesses as much as they can! It means the world to us.

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taking precautions

So far, we are still open, but we have suspended dining room service and are increasing our take-away and grocery options.

During this time, we will at last be accepting take-out orders over the phone! Call the shop at 697-3906 and we will have your food ready for you when you get here.

We are also encouraging customers to shop from our fridge of take-home pasta and sauces. We will be adding new heat-and-serve options (lasagne!), and we are extending our ten-dollar Tuesday to every day.

Staff are diligently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects, and we are all taking precautions to keep ourselves and our wonderful customers safe, healthy, and well-fed.

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burger night returns!!!

Our wildly popular Thursday burger nights resume this week! We’re kicking off the new season on Hallowe’en night with a 50s diner theme and a classic burger (homemade relish, ketchup, and mustard). Call the shop to book! 697-3906.

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