PASTA DISHES $10 (except for rice noodles which are $12)

  • tagliatelle (like fettuccine only wider) with tomatoes, basil & garlic, and optional Holmestead feta ($2) and/or Peasant’s Pantry sausage ($3)
  • Japanese soba noodles with sautéed green onions, fresh ginger, homemade garlic black bean paste, toasted sesame oil, tamari, sambal oelek to taste, and optional bulgogi ($3) and/or mixed vegetables & egg ($3)
  • ravioli of the day
  • spaghetti with roasted red pepper, tomato, and meat sauce
  • shells with zippy local sausage in a creamy chipotle, white wine, & Asiago cheese sauce
  • Noodle Guy stir-fry: rice noodles with mixed vegetables, egg, and optional local roasted chicken ($4)

We also serve soups, salads, desserts, and the occasional non-noodle entrée.

2 Responses to menu

  1. Thomas says:

    Amazing place to eat! My family loves this place ! The pasta is so yummy and adorable!

  2. Your place has such a great atmosphere and the food is fabulous!!!

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