photograph of menu chalkboard

take-out menu: PDF


  • tagliatelle with basil, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, and red onions 16; add local feta (3) or sausage (4); “the works” 20.50
  • shells with zippy local sausage in chipotle, white wine, & Asiago sauce 16
  • spaghetti with roasted red pepper & tomato meat sauce 12
  • ravioli stuffed with basil garlic quark and topped with maple caramelized onions 15
  • soba: Japanese buckwheat & kamut noodles with ginger, garlic black bean paste, red onions, tamari, and toasted sesame oil 12; add veggies & egg (5), Korean bulgogi & mushrooms (5), or tofu (3); “the works” 20.50
  • Noodle Guy stir-fry: rice noodles with zucchini, red pepper, red onions, carrot, broccoli, & cabbage 16; add Korean bulgogi (4) or local roasted chicken (4)
  • ramen!!! veggie 15, chicken 18; add tofu (3)
  • kids’ pasta: spaghetti or tagliatelle with tomato sauce, meat sauce, or just plain with butter & cheese 6

not pasta

  • veggie bowl (no starch): veggies, ginger, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, black bean paste, gluten-free soy sauce 14; add tofu (3), shrimp (6), chicken (4), sausage (4), or bulgogi (4)
  • veggie & rice bowl: rice, veggies, chick peas, roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomato & coconut milk sauce 15
  • chili shrimp seared with garlic, flambéed with Barrelling Tide chili vodka, served with homemade crackers 15
  • chicken wrap: roasted local chicken, aïoli, red onions, raspberry vinaigrette 14
  • bulgogi wrap: bulgogi, julienned vegetables, mayo, red onions, lettuce 15
  • chicken bacon Caesar with croutons, onions, and seasonal veg 16
  • mock Caesar salad (no bacon, no anchovy) 7
  • hummus & naan 10
  • potstickers: Asian dumplings filled with pork, ginger, garlic, & cabbage; served with tamari & sesame oil dipping sauce 9
  • breakfast thing 6

37 Responses to menus

  1. Thomas says:

    Amazing place to eat! My family loves this place ! The pasta is so yummy and adorable!

  2. Your place has such a great atmosphere and the food is fabulous!!!

  3. Darren Forest says:

    What a wonderful place. Food was amazing, the restaurant itself is very charming. And Sarah, who served us, was awesome to talk to. And only 50 mins from the city. What a gem. Had lunch and going G back for supper.

  4. Janet Sutherand says:

    Are you wheelchair assessable?

  5. Roxanne says:

    We ate there yesterday for the first time. Had the ravioli, it was the most delicious pasta dish I have ever had!!!! Staff was so friendly. Thank you

  6. We are from London ON, my husband teaches Culinary at the local college and we visited Nova Scotia this summer! I just want to say what a spectacular little gem this place is. It was recommended to us from Benjamin Bridge Winery (also awesome) The food was unreal and we have even tried to recreate some of the dishes! The salad was so simple and fresh and delicious and the soba noodles were fantastic. I continue to crave the shells…oh those shells! I have recommended this place to everyone travelling to the East Coast, you are an incredibly talented team!

  7. Lisa Hughes says:

    Hey there. Heading down your way a few gluten free gals. Do you have Any options available for them? Really want to try your place. Heard nothing but great things from some pretty fussy people lolol

    • thenoodleguy says:

      There is at least one item without gluten in it, sometimes more, but we can’t claim that anything is 100% gluten-free. We prepare pasta on site and flour is notoriously difficult to contain — it gets everywhere! We recommend Crystany’s Brasserie in Canning which is 100% GF.

  8. Ruth says:

    Does your pasta contain eggs; and can you accommodate a non- dairy, non-egg diet?

  9. Sheila Smith says:

    Six of us had dinner tonight and it was great. Burgers for all,perfectly done,excellent salad,and wonderful attentive but not intrusive wait staff with an atmosphere ike being at a friend’s home.. This will definitely be our go to place from now on.

    S Smith

  10. Larry Jackson says:

    Hi Ross
    Were Jen&Jonn &Shirley and Mel’s family from Regina Sask.
    Your Dinner was truly the best ever. We enjoyed the warmth welcome of your staff..also was great to meet you.
    Wish we had your noodles at the Sask Roughrider Games.
    Thanks Again for the best Pasta ever!
    Larry&Linda Jackson

  11. Heidi says:

    Any gluten free options???

  12. Jill says:

    Hi there – do you have high chairs for children? 1 year olds….thanks!

  13. Anthony Crouse says:

    What are your open hours on this Thanksgiving sweekend?

  14. Marylou McNamara says:

    Your Soba dish is it 100% buckwheat if not is there any chance of taking what you ingredients you in there and using it for the rice noodle stir fry?

    • thenoodleguy says:

      The soba has kamut as well as buckwheat. You’d have to check with your server about changing how we prepare it — we only have six burners and substitutions are a real wrench in the works, especially if it’s busy! It slows things down for everyone.

  15. Jen Mc says:

    I have heard wonderful things about your restaurant. I am allergic to shellfish, so I was wondering if it would be safe for me to eat at The Noodle Guy? I know that you offer shellfish in some of your dishes, but wondering if it is kept separate from the other food. Thanks

    • thenoodleguy says:

      Hi Jen, we do have one shrimp dish on the menu, but we’re very careful about cross-contamination. One of our chefs was actually allergic to fish and shellfish, and Ross is allergic to peanuts, so we get it! I’m sure you know there is never a one hundred percent certainty about these things no matter how careful you are, but we definitely take it seriously and do the best we can

  16. STEPHEN BURKE says:

    Hi. Do you serve vegan dishes? Thanks.
    Steve Burke

  17. Debra Bond says:

    First time I was ever there. Great staff and great food.

  18. Janet Irwin says:

    Visited for the first time. Great atmosphere, very friendly and helpful staff. The food was terrific, lovely flavours. A gem of a restaurant. We’ll be back soon!

  19. Steve Bellefontaine says:

    Feb 5, 2021…not much new news but will come check your place out…..Looks YUMMY

  20. Debbie says:

    My sister and me where going to try out your restaurant could you please email your menu 😋 please and thank you

  21. Robert Dorland says:

    Friend needs gluten free… can you help?

  22. Dianne says:

    Our first time tonight for takeout! Amazing dishes…. Look forward to eating in at some point in this lovely little nook of Italy in Port Williams. Food was very tasty . Thank you

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