March break 2022

On March 16, 2020, the front page of the Chronicle Herald announced the “first presumptive cases” of COVID in Nova Scotia. Since then, we’ve been open, closed, open, closed, open for take-out, open for delivery, closed, open with limited capacity, open with slightly less limited capacity, open with reduced capacity again…but with great gratitude to our customers and staff, we’ve been mostly sort of open one way or another for the last two years.

We are both hopeful and nervous about the lifting of restrictions in Nova Scotia on March 21. We’ll be taking it day by day and making adjustments as necessary. One of those adjustments is a long-overdue hard look at our prices. We’ve held the line on our menu prices for years despite rising food costs (totally out of our control) and rising labour costs (totally within our control and we are living-wage advocates, so no complaints there), but the latest food cost increases have forced our hand.

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