Patience. Kindness. Understanding.

On Friday, June 5 we are re-opening the dining room according to the rules set by the province. We are very aware that Nova Scotia is still in an official state of emergency, and that this hard-won reprieve from lockdown is fragile and could abruptly end if we all don’t follow public health guidelines.

It’s been a long twelve weeks. We went from a staff of twenty-two down to only two full-timers with a little part-time help, and Ross working 70-hour weeks to fulfill take-out orders and grocery sales (for which we are very grateful—thank you to everyone who supported this small local business during tough times!).

We need our customers to know that Things. Are. Different. With our seating at half capacity, we may not have room for everyone who wants to dine in. With a third of our former staff complement, we have had to streamline our menu, we may not be able to keep up with take-out orders, and—this is important—we cannot make substitutions to menu items. Even pre-COVID, special orders and substitutions were a wrench in the works that slowed things down for everyone and increased the likelihood of mistakes and less-than-perfect products. In this new reality, we just can’t do it.

We realize that it’s been a long twelve weeks for our customers too. People are experiencing completely justifiable stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, you name it…but we are asking for your patience, your kindness, and your understanding as we do our best to serve you under these new and challenging circumstances.

* Why is there a picture of a rhubarb cream pie with this post instead of pasta? Because I (Mrs. Noodle Guy) made rhubarb cream pies tonight, and they’ll be going to the shop for sale tomorrow morning so I don’t eat them all myself.

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2 Responses to Patience. Kindness. Understanding.

  1. Kelly says:

    Congratulations for being able to reopen and thank you, we look forward to coming out…have a safe & blessed day and may you prosper🤗

    Do we need to make reservations and if so, how many may be in our group?

    Kelly & Peter

    • thenoodleguy says:

      We’re trying this without reservations to begin with…we’ll see how it goes. As for number of people, you still have to follow the provincial guidelines — so you can come with immediate family and/or your immediate family “bubble”. The largest group we can accommodate at one table is five.

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