now offering local delivery

In an effort to keep as many of our staff employed and as many of our customers fed as possible, we are now offering local delivery in addition to our expanded take-out and grocery offerings.

These two handsome fellas are going to be delivering (no contact) to your doorstep as of today! When they drop off your order, they will HONK or TEXT to let you know that your food has arrived.

For Port Williams and Wolfville: your order must be received by phone (902-697-3906) by 11am. Delivery will be between 11am-12:30pm in Port Williams and between 12:30-2pm for Wolfville.

For Canning, Centreville, New Minas, and Kentville: your order must be received by phone (902-697-3906) by 1pm. Delivery will be between 2-6pm.

There will be a $3 fee for all delivery orders. NO CASH. If you aren’t able to pay by credit over the phone or e-transfer, please let us know when you call and we will figure it out case by case. As Ross says, “We are all figuring this out by the seats of our pants” as a business and a community. We appreciate all the continued support!

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