This is not a picture of the tiramisu I make. I had this in northwestern Italy several years ago. I was on a trip with my mother, and we had tiramisu for lunch EVERY single day! This one in the picture certainly isn’t pretty, but it was by far the best of the trip—and they were all very good.

I learned how to make tiramisu from Marco Foladore, the best chef I ever worked with. We were both at a restaurant in London, Ontario called Bon Appétit in the 90s, and on slow days he’d sometimes show me how to make things. A couple of pasta dishes and this tiramisu:


Over the years, my tastes have changed a bit and I like my tiramisu a little bit airier, so I double the beaten egg white. And I usually swap out a little bit of the sweetened espresso for some dry Marsala. But Marco’s original recipe is still terrific. It’s important to use fresh espresso (a lot of recipes call for espresso powder), top-quality cocoa powder, and the freshest barnyard chicken eggs you can find. The price of mascarpone makes this an expensive dessert, but it’s worth it.


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