FullSizeRender 2Raspberries were on sale and I had ricotta that needed to be used, so I  (Mrs. Noodle Guy) made this cake. I’d torn this recipe out of Bon Appétit magazine a few months ago; it is also available online. The recipe calls for frozen raspberries (or blackberries), but it worked beautifully with fresh ones. This was very easy and quick to put together. More importantly, it was delicious! I had one small slice to test it, and it was so good I had to have a second. The rest of it is for sale at the shop in Port Williams today, if it’s not gone already.

I’ve been meaning to start blogging about food ever since Ross started the pasta business in 2010 and just haven’t gotten around to it. Changing the Noodle Guy website over to WordPress makes it much, much easier and I hope to post here frequently.

We’ve also been meaning to work on a cookbook since 2010, and haven’t done anything but talk about it. I feel somewhat better about our inaction now that Jenny Osburn of Union Street Café has just released her cookbook—after 14 years in the works, according to this week’s Grapevine! I’m pretty picky about cookbooks, and I’m definitely buying this one. I know the recipes are going to be fabulous, but the book as a physical object is pretty special too: it’s designed by Laura MacDonald (Deep Hollow Print) and published by Gaspereau Press. I predict that it will win an Alcuin Award. Jenny is launching the cookbook this Sunday at the café in Berwick during what I think is their second annual Christmas craft market starting at 11:00. I can’t go because I have to work, but we went with friends last year and it was lovely.

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